Elements of the earth

Isabella Dyba Diplom-Psychologin

Elements of the earth

Living on a small Canarian volcanic island definitely has an impact on my therapeutic approaches. Anyone who stays here is confronted with the elements of the earth very intensively every day.

It storms and winds daily, we are surrounded by rugged, wild and huge uplifting volcanic rock formations, the Atlantic rolls gischtspeiend and vastly meter high waves to the black beach of pebbles and sand. It is a daily phenomenal spectacle.

From EARTH there is a large part of island and of course we run around it every day.

FIRE was the trigger for the island and the volcanic state in which it is now. Of course, it also accompanies us daily in the form of the sun.

WATER surrounds the entire island as an Atlantic Ocean and irrigates the evergreen cloud forest in the form of winds and clouds.

AIR flows here intensely in the form of two influential winds, the northeast trade winds and the Canary Islands. Here is usually a small breeze and thus we are constantly confronted with this element.

There are wonderful ways to do more with the power of the elements and use them for your own healing.

For example, conscious contact with the earth helps with our own “grounding,” when we arrive at ourselves, at what we really are. There are many nice exercises that I like to incorporate in the sessions if necessary.

Even dealing with fire can do great things. For example, in a fire ritual, all the things (symbolically or in the form of writing or objects) can be burned and “let loose” that we no longer want. This can be, for example, past experiences, unwanted behaviors or persons from whom we want to distance ourselves. Then we can focus on those things we want to expand. These may, for example, be new behaviors, wishes, intentions or specific goals.

Even in contact with water, the most diverse rituals can be interwoven. The water with its calming clarity is always a wonderful place to relax. We can locate a river, lake, pond or pool as a concrete oasis of peace to relax or meditate, or “sink” in the water “ships” that are to pursue specific intentions. We can listen to the sound of the water and deal with what is to come.

The wind, for example, is a great companion in dances or active meditations, if we know exactly what we want. Because the wind has a lot of power to support and drive our “intentions”.

The possibilities of integrating our natural forces are manifold and can best be individualized.

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