I’ve never tried that before. So I am completely sure that I can do it.*

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About me

I’m Isabella Dyba, born 1973, and grew up Hesse. In the 12th grade, I attended Fresno High School, California, as a scholarship holder and exchange student of the German Federal Government in the USA, and left after one year with a high school diploma.

Back in Germany, I started my studies of psychology in Heidelberg after graduating from high school, which I continued in Berlin and graduated with a diploma in both main subjects, clinical psychology and occupational, work and organizational psychology.

As part of my diploma thesis I dealt extensively with the subject of addictive memory, its formation, maintenance, associated conditioning as well as possible long-term effective therapeutic interventions. It was published as a book and can also z. B. be purchased at Buecher.de.

During my studies I spent half a year as a school psychologist and traveler in New Zealand.

For over eight years I have been fascinated by the beautiful Canary Island La Gomera and I try to spend as much time as possible.

After working as a clinical psychologist in a rehabilitation clinic for heart, circulatory and metabolic diseases as well as alcoholics, I mentored mentally ill men with multiple diagnoses in Munich as a psychologist and therapist in a homeless shelter.

Parallel to this, I initially completed a two-year training as Systemic Consultant at the istob Institute (Institute for Systemic Therapy, Supervision and Counseling) in Munich, which is a continuing education institute recognized by the Systemic Society (SG). I then completed the last and advanced year as a Systemic Family Therapist at the Munich Institute for Systemic Education (MISW), which is recognized by the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counseling and Family Therapy (DGSF).

Since then I also work as a freelance psychologist, consultant, coach and therapist.

I am also a trainer for Controlled Drinking (kT) and for Self-Determined Substance Control (KISS) as well as alternative practicioner for psychotherapy (HPG).

At the wonderful Dr. Noni Höfer I took part in some seminars on “provocative therapy”. Through loving and appreciative caricatures of the client’s world view, this method can be used to playfully and humorously develop new paths and perspectives.

In addition, I attended a de-escalation training on the topic of “courage and non-violence” as well as “communication and team training” and continued my education in “Constructive Conflict Management”, “Motivational Conversation” and “Stress Management”.

I also have training in Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

In 2013, the magical change of residence came to La Gomera. The second smallest Canary volcanic island had always fascinated me as a holiday destination. In 2013 I got the offer to live and work on my favorite destination, the Meditatations-Finca Argayall. This place is a mixture of holiday finca for individual guests and groups as well as a community of those working there. It was the right time in my life for a change – both specific to the place of residence and job-related. I wanted to experience something new again and felt too young and adventurous, just to continue as before. I quit my job, moved to the Canaries for 5 years, one of which I lived on the Finca.

On the finca I spent a very interesting time. Among other things, I learned to intensively deal with myself, to meditate on the most diverse techniques and to recognize the meaning of yoga and meditation for our long-term life satisfaction. On the basis of the new learning I developed ideas and techniques for my current psychotherapeutic practice. Now I live mainly in Germany but spend as much time as possible on the Canary Islands.

* This phrase from Pippi Longstocking also encouraged me to follow my heart.

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