Isabella Dyba Diplom-Psychologin


Scientific research now confirms the salutary effects of regular meditation practice on our health.

By learning meditative techniques, I have learned to combine elements of meditation theory and psychotherapy in addition to each other. Because both teachings strive for long-term changes in consciousness and behavior..

In meditations we learn to consciously perceive our thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Psychotherapeutic strategies enable us to come up with new solutions to the ever-recurring thoughts and problems. This allows us to achieve long-term physical, mental and mental health.

If required, I will be happy to bring different meditation exercises into the discussions. There are so many ways and possibilities to be more careful with everything that surrounds us and to move us, that we can certainly find a suitable meditation for you that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

It does not always have to be the exclusive silence sitting (Vipassana meditation), which brings us closer to ourselves. It may also precede silent observation with a dance, movement, or shaking meditation. Or we just start with the mindfulness of the things we do. Which means that we are just 100% with what is right now.

There are many ways to slowly nourish this topic. I am happy to assist you.

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