Integrative work

Isabella Dyba Diplom-Psychologin


There are so many great and helpful therapeutic approaches that I do not want to commit myself to just one approach. After completing my studies, I did a lot of further education and training, all of which taught me various and very useful tools for therapeutic interventions (see about me). Depending on the type, experience and desire of you, I can offer different forms and strategies of assistance. Some people would like to become creative themselves and try out new patterns of behavior during exercises or role-plays (eg psychodramatic approach). Others just want to talk and, above all, wish to be heard (eg, a therapeutic approach). Others need clear behavioral plans that we work out together (eg behavioral approach). Still others need relaxation exercises (eg autogenic training) to get into the mode of reflection at all. Or a couple or family is looking for support (e.g., systemic approach).

For some clients, the provocative approach works quite well. It is not about malicious provocations, but about the loving caricaturing of the worldview of my clients. Humor is always a great way to approach things in a more playful way, and maybe even from a completely different side.

If necessary, I can incorporate meditation exercises (see meditations). Or I work with the elements of the earth like fire, water, earth and air.

With all my knowledge and what I have learned, I focus on your needs and try to find the right strategy or therapy for each and every one of them, which enables the discovery of new perspectives and the development of helpful solutions.

However, I would like to emphasize that I am a wholehearted systemic (see more under systemic work). The good thing about this “labeling” is the attendant attitude that anything that could be of use to you as a client, in principle, only may be considered once. Of course, what we choose ultimately has to meet our professional demands and our personal attitude, but this opens up a wide field of creative therapeutic possibilities. These are far from rigid dogmas, fixed rules and the – in my opinion quite antiquated – “school separation”. Instead, they are very close to the unconventional, curious, and versatile look at everything that might be helpful to you.

Another very important attitude of the systemics is that we always meet our clients at eye level. As a therapist, I have a toolkit of therapeutic intervention options and can ask some useful questions in order to develop the right solutions together with you. However, you are the one who always knows what is right for you. Only sometimes did you forget that from functioning in society, repressed or simply not asked yourself exactly. As a therapist, I can only help figure that out by offering different strategies for changing perspectives. And at best, we will work together to develop suitable new paths. But I have no patent recipes or fixed immutable solution models. That’s the beauty of this form of therapy, I think. For the true expert is and will remain you. And that’s why, as a therapist, I’m never more important or more important or higher than you. I just have another education that can be helpful in finding light again in the thickets of the jungle, which may just be overgrown.


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