Psychologische Online Beratung

Psychological Online Counseling

Welcome to Isabella Dyba

Graduate Psychologist and Systemic Therapist


                I offer you psychological counseling and various forms of psychotherapy. 

                Whether as psychological online advice, advice by e-mail or in personal conversation, you decide?

                You just want a non-binding online counseling?

                You feel overloaded? Do you experience dissatisfaction, suffering and pain? Are you overcome by fears or depressive moods in different phases of                 your life? Or are you in a difficult relationship? And don’t know whether it’s               still good for you or healthy for you? Are you wondering whether you                 are  in a toxic relationship or experiencing emotional abuse?

               Then you have come to the right place! I will accompany and support you in                reorienting, processing difficult experiences or coping with challenging and                   stressful situations.

             As a psychologist with an appreciative and respectful attitude, I offer                     you resource-oriented strategies for finding the right solutions for you.

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